Non Surgical Shoulder Treatment

Taking our eyes off the main stream medicine would throw light on an extremely successful French therapy offered by The Pain Medical Center. This completely painless non-surgical way of treating shoulder pain is performed using a therapy called Percutaneous Hydrotomy. Although this treatment is less known in the USA, it is a well-known therapy practiced in Europe for more than 25 years which has relieved thousands of patients from their shoulder pain symptoms.

Percutaneous Hydrotomy is a revolutionary method of treatment originating from France and approved by the ANSM (French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety). Rare and extremely effective elements derived from nature to constitute this highly effective and yet painless treatment. The success of this painless shoulder treatment without surgery lies in the fact that it treats the cause of pain and not the symptoms using natural elements. The treatment consists of handpicked natural chemical elements, vitamins and minerals that stimulate human body to produce more antibodies to fight the cause of pain. Your shoulder joints will gradually be healed and rejuvenated with the help of this completely painless treatment.

Given the fact that our shoulders are a complex system of bones and muscles and we use them extensively, they are widely prone to injuries. Shoulder pain is the most common ailment that patients complain about. Shoulder injuries can be as minor as a sprain or strained muscles to severe conditions, overuse of these joints, dislocation and even broken bones.  It may be easy to completely cure minor injuries, but major injuries can bring a person’s life to a complete halt. The extreme pain will become a huge constraint leaving a person disabled.

The Pain Medical Center introduces such a positive and highly successful treatment to thousands of people suffering with intolerable shoulder pain. Say no to painful surgery and loads of painkiller drugs that have weakened your body all these years. Allow us to help you break free from the debilitating shoulder pain.